Our 5M+GA Framework

To start a business is not difficult – anyone can do it, really.

But to keep it running well and growing consistently is very much another matter. This is why most businesses close down within the first 3 years of launch. Even those who have been in business for several years, even decades, are not safe from collapse. In these times of rapid change, even once-successful businesses that have been around for a long time run the risk of failure.

What gets in the way? How can a business owner ensure that his or her business keeps going - & growing? What typically trips a business up?

Here at Adam & Hawa Network, we have found that for any business to succeed, there are 5 important areas for business owners to pay attention to.  Regardless of the industry you’re in or the stage of business growth you’re at, it is not enough to be good at one area & ignore the rest – all 5 areas need our watchful care.

So what are these 5 areas that will determine your business Success – or Failure? Here's a quick look:


  • Being In The Right Business

  • Branding Your Business, Branding You

  • The Practical Business Plan


  • Must-Know Marketing Fundamentals

  • Demystifying Online Marketing

  • The Marketing System


  • Practical Accounting

  • Managing Your Money


  • The Proper Approach Towards Yourself

  • The Proper Approach Towards The World


  • Business Operations Management

  • Human Capital Management

  • Technology Management

  • Business Law

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