The trouble with being a 'typical Singaporean'

The trouble with being a 'typical Singaporean' is that we have been brought up in an environment where Everything Works:

You finish school, & there's a Job waiting for you.

You have CPF, there's a HDB flat you can buy.

You turn on the tap, water flows out;

Flip a switch, the lights come on.

If you want to take public transport, the bus/train/taxi services are running.

If you need to help from the Civil Service, the officers & computer systems are there to help you.

No bribes needed, No civil unrest, No blackouts, No natural disasters, No rampant crime, No Problem, really.

But there IS a problem. We have become Comfortable over the decades in a country where Everything Works. Too comfortable, some would say.

But Times Have Changed. It's no longer very comfortable being in the Comfort Zone these days, isn't it? Prices of everything have gone up. Secure Jobs are no longer easily found. And - lo & behold - we are now realising that our Government can't solve all our personal problems.

Plus, with the Internet powering the World, things change very fast.

& If you're in Business, the Rapid Changes impact you even more. Regardless if you're a Home-Based business or Shop-based one; a Service-based business or a Product-Based one; New to Business or Decades into it - We are all affected by Change:

...Want to sell your stuff? Then you better have an online presence of some sort. ...Been offering the same professional service over the years? Better be aware that your clients can get the same end result at a fraction of what you charge from going DIY or getting talents from 3rd World countries. ...Good at what you do? Then your brand presence better be felt on social media - & your name better pop up in Google searches

So Times Have Changed - and So Must We. We can't be Stubborn about this. We can't we be Fearful to look at the Reality in the face. And we can certainly not be Uncreative about finding solutions to help ourselves. Or we will surely be DOOMED...

But Change doesn't have to be Bad News. The beautiful thing is that once we Accept that We Have To Change, we begin to see Opportunities all around us. So, fellow Singaporeans, what should we do? I suggest we take advantage of the good reputation the 'Singapore Brand' has become known for globally - & 'co-brand' it with your authentic Personal Brand, your Skills & your Passion.

Take responsibility for creating our own future - and start opening our Minds to the many, many Opportunities happening all around us. Start Learning again (all the time), Thinking Hard & Doing stuff that's Different.

Sure it'll get Uncomfortable at first - but then again, our own Comfort Zone is no longer Comfortable, right? Start looking out for Opportunities. But do our Due Diligence, of course. Nothing to lose - & so much to Gain :) Warmly, Harasha Bafana Founder & Director ❋ The Adam & Hawa Network ❋ 'The Business Mentoring & Consulting Network Dedicated to the Growth of You & Your Business'

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