Salam & Hello Beautiful Women (yes, you!)

✔ Have you always wanted to Boost Your Look so that you can feel More Confident?✔ Struggling with Problematic Skin or Ageing Skin & fed up with all the products you bought & the advice that just Doesn't Work?

✔ Been binge-watching all those makeup tutorial videos - & wishing you can Do Your Own Flawless Makeup to bring out your own best look? 

✔ Also, do you sometimes Feel Down, Stuck & Suffocated - & really, really wish you can help yourself stop feeling bleah so much?

✔ Having trouble with Dealing with Toxic People in your life? 

✔ Have you been thinking: Is this all there is to my Life?’ :( 

.  . . . .

Well, we have some exciting news to share!

We have come up with a one-day hands-on workshop to quickly help you Boost Your Appearance and Confidence, guaranteed, inshaAllah ;)

By the end of this Workshop, you’ll know exactly what to do to:

  • bring out your Best Skin,

  • how to put on great Makeup for any occasion like an Expert &

  • have your own set of Self-Help Tools for Unstoppable Confidence & Joy in all areas of your Life. 


This Workshop will Transform you on the Outside & the Inside! :)

We want you to Look Good and Feel Good ❤ 

What you can expect from this Workshop

Okay, let us tell you more about what you can expect from our Workshop!



For the 1st part of this workshop, we’ll take you through Step-by-Step on everything you need to know on how to get Great Skin & apply Great Makeup to bring out the Best You!

① Skincare Secrets to bring out your Best Skin - regardless of your Skin Issues. We’ll help you get to know exactly what your skin needs so that you’ll use the right products for best results. We’ll also introduce you to the 3 Natural Skincare Boosters that so many overlook but are so, so important if you want great skin! 

② Master this Quick 10-minute Daily Skincare routine for Flawless Skin that professional Make Up Artists (MUAs) use. No overpriced products needed, no complicated steps for you - just Simple & Clear Must-Do steps to get Great Skin. Plus, you’ll also learn the trick to shrink those nasty pores without wasting your money on expensive products ;)  

③ Use the magic of this One Product for Long-lasting Makeup that leaves you looking Flawless. We are busy women - who has time to touch-up their makeup? Let us show you this one magic product to help your make-up stay in place so that you can focus on how you can focus on your Work. Best of all, we will share with you our fave brands that are cheap but work just as well as those expensive brands. 

④ How to put on Great Makeup in 15 minutes Learn the best MUA quick & easy steps to putting on your own makeup. 7 parts to this - & it’s all you need to know to be your own DIY MUA. It will be a Hands-On session - so you’ll actually be practising on your face - with personal help from the talented Fadillah MUA :)

By the end of this Look Good training, you will know exactly how to Dramatically Improve Your Skin to make it Glow & be Taut [no botox required :)]. And you’ll also know how to be your own DIY MUA to look Extra Good for any occasion!



As women, we all know too well that just because we Look Good, it doesn’t mean we’ll always Feel Good (some of the most beautiful women we know can be the unhappiest :(). This 2nd part of the Workshop aims to complete the picture so that you’ll learn how to always Feel Good & Become Unstoppable - even when Bad Things happen. 

⑤ The Way to Bring Out The Best of You, Always: We’ll take you through a 4-Step Process to uncover a few deep truths about Life that you must know so that you can Help Yourself, Grow & Get More out of your life. You’ll get to know your Lower Self - & let it go to step into your Higher Self. You’ll walk away with helpful Tools & Techniques to bring out the Best, most Courageous, most Happy You ever. 

⑥ How to Bounce Back when Life hits you Hard : How do you cope with the Problems Life throws at you? What do you do when others Hurt you? How do you protect yourself from the Toxic People in your Life? This is what we’ll explore here: 3 Key Ways to deal with others without losing your Beautiful Selves. You will feel pretty invincible after this, inshaAllah!

⑦ Protecting Your Bright Future in this Crazy World: What’s Out There can be quite Noisy & Awful - & it can Infect Your Life if you aren’t careful. There’s a better way to protect yourself & create the Right Environment to build Your Beautiful, Bright Future. You’ll discover the 5-Point Positive Psychology Framework that is proven to work & that you can immediately use to Take Control of Your Life. 💖



⑧ Hands-On, Interactive + Notes: The Workshop is designed to be Hands-On & Interactive in a Safe Environment - so be prepared to participate 100%, ok? You’ll love it! Also, you’ll take home with you Workshop notes so that you can always go back to it & refresh the lessons learnt. 

Support After the Workshop: The Workshop may be over in a day, but our support for you will continue. You’ll be invited to join our WhatsApp community of fellow Beautiful Women where we can stay in touch!

⓪ Gift Bag just for You: As a ‘thank you’ gift from us & to get you started on your Look Good & Feel Good journey, you will get a Gift Bag from us with our favourite products for you to try out! It will have:

  • Silk Ampoules ~ for a long lasting makeup base 

  • Collagen Ampoules ~ to plump up your skin 

  • Eye Care Serum ~ to care for the most delicate skin you have 

  • Falsies (Lashes) ~ for that special occasion 

  • … & more 

Meet your Workshop Trainers 

Fadillah & Harasha













Fadillah Abdul Latiff  MUA


Ever since I was young, I have always been obsessed with makeup & amazed at how makeup artists can make women look beautiful. My mum was really strict - I wasn’t allowed to play with makeup as a girl - but I used to love watching ‘mak andams’ do their job. Their work inspired me so much that I promised myself that I will be a makeup artist one day.


Although I dreamt of becoming a makeup artist, I decided to put my passion aside to raise my children first. It was only when they were a bit older that I began my career as a makeup artist. 

I took up a full-time Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry with Cosmoprof Academy. I learnt very useful makeup techniques and skills there, but I still felt that I needed to upgrade my skills even more. So, I decided to take up personal makeup coaching classes by popular makeup artists from Singapore & Indonesia to refine my skills. 

I have been a makeup artist  for 11 years now. I began as a freelance makeup artist for bridal companies & was very encouraged to receive positive feedback from clients.  After gaining enough experience, I decided to start my own business - that's when Bridal By Fadillah began in 2018.

My makeup philosophy is to Empower Women To Look Their Best Selves. This is why I love to do video tutorials on social media for the women out there. My aim is to help the women I serve enhance their natural beauty - so that they can look their best & be more confident.














Harasha Bafana


My Passion is in public speaking, writing, coaching and business consulting – & it's my Purpose is to move people forward in whatever I do.


I also care deeply about the progress of the Muslim community & channel much of my work to that end.


I am a cause-driven entrepreneur who runs The Adam & Hawa Network. I love empowering business owners to get the Right Advice & Support to grow their business – without making expensive mistakes.


My 20-year career has had several interesting changes. I began as a Foreign Service Officer at Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I am an accidental entrepreneur who ended up running a restaurant business called Samar, which I helped grow into a million-dollar business with no advertising. TIME Magazine - in its annual search for "the region's most remarkable places & experiences" - named Samar as 'One of the Best Places to go to in Asia'. I was also Centre Director of the SME Centre at the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI), and together with my team, helped advise more than 5,000 SMEs.

I have an MBA from NTU’s Nanyang Business School & a Social Science honours degree from National University of Singapore. I had the honour of serving as a Board Member with the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and am now Board Member of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). I am also Vice Chairman II of DEWI@SMCCI, the women entrepreneurs’ wing of SMCCI.

Ready to Join Us? Here’s what to do next!

✸ Workshop Details 
Full-Day Workshop [20 seats only]
Saturday, 28 March 2020
10.30am to 6.30pm  
7 Pahang Street, Singapore 198608 (near Arab Street) location map

✸ Workshop Fees
We’ve come up with an affordable Workshop fee to support your growth. After all, when you Look Good & Feel Good, you can do wonders with your Life. You can get more out of yourself & confidently aim for Bigger Goals. 

We originally priced this Workshop higher - but in these current challenging times, we’ve decided to give you a ‘coronavirus discount’!

FYI, a one-to-one personal makeup class with Fadillah MUA lasting 2.5 hrs costs $280, while a coaching session with Harasha costs $200 an hour. 

Instead, you’ll get 8 hours of our time at this full-day Workshop for a reasonable $247. That’s only $30 an hour. We hope you like it :) 

Promo! If you sign up now, you'll enjoy a special price of only $197 not $247!

✸Payment Options*: 
Option I

Sign up now & enjoy the special price of only $197 not $247

(U.P. SGD 297 - we’re giving you a ‘coronavirus discount’!)

Option II

Once now the promo is over, the Workshop will go back to SGD 247 

(U.P. SGD 297 - we’re giving you a ‘coronavirus discount’!)
*Do note that payments are non-refundable. This is because we have limited Workshop seats

✸ How to Register & Make Payment: 

Once you click on the 'Register Now' button, you’ll receive instructions (see below) on how to make bank transfer payment. Do note that your seat will only be confirmed once we receive payment. 
Step 1: Do transfer your payment as follows: 
I. PayNow to ‘Harasha Bafana’; or 
II. To POSB Current Account 736-09254-9 

Step 2: Then, please send  your Payment Screenshot & your Name to mobile number 8120 3431. We will then confirm your seat.

Special Thanks to our Event Partner

We are very happy to have Alfya Atelier as our Event Partner. It is a social enterprise offering sewing-related services such as tailoring, alteration, sewing classes & training. It also has a special mission to provide job opportunities for the less fortunate & persons with special needs. Click on their logo below to check out their website - you'll love it!


They have such a lovely colonial era shophouse space at the Kg Glam area! We are delighted to conduct our Workshop there :- & we believe you'll love it too :) 

✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸

We hope you can join us for the 'Look Good & Feel Good' Workshop. We'll be excited to welcome you in person. See you there!

Fadillah & Harasha 💕

See you there!

Got questions? WhatsApp us at  +65 8120 3431