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This message is going out to those of you who are:

▪ Entrepreneurs ▪ Small Business Owners ▪ Tech Start-Ups ▪

▪ Self-Employed Consultants/Coaches/Trainers ▪ Marketing Professionals ▪  

who want to market your work remarkably better (especially online) & quickly multiply your sales:

✔ Do you have an excellent product or service – but don’t know how to Communicate it Clearly & Convincingly in your marketing efforts?

Hate Selling or being ‘Sales-y’ (or worse, tacky)?

✔ You know that social media marketing can help your business – but don’t know What or How to Write to get Solid Results on Social Media?

✔ Wouldn’t it be nice if you don’t have to do painful one-to-one selling & instead rely on a technique that does it for you 24 by 7?

✔ Would you like sales leads coming to you, instead of you having to do cold calling or tagging people on social media you hardly know - & get rejected?

✔ Would you like to feel good promoting your product or service, instead of feeling shy or ‘fake’ because you’re trying too hard?

✔ And finally, wouldn’t it be great if you could stop feeling confused & overwhelmed on the 'right' way to market your business - & quickly multiply your sales (especially online)?

If you are facing any - or all - of the above, then you will find it very helpful to attend our COPYWRITING FOR RESULTS session. Seriously.


It will be a 3-hour short & sharp talk designed to help you Quickly Understand & Implement a Wonderful Technique to write Marketing copy for your business to Multiply your Sales.

Why Every Small Business Owner Must Attend this Talk

(& we don’t say this lightly)

Small Business Owners face unique challenges that bigger companies don’t: we have Limited Time & Limited Money - & we hate wasting both. This why you must attend this talk - it will save you Time & Money and yet will Grow your Sales.

  1. Good copywriting will boost your sales results - especially if you’re serious about Selling Online.

  2. You will discover exactly what it takes to let your written words do the selling.

  3. You will learn how to sell to many people at a time online.

  4. Good copywriters are hard to find, so you might as well learn to DIY. 

  5. Even if you find a good copywriter (which is rare), it will cost you a lot.

✸ What you can expect from this 3-hour, no-nonsense
Copywriting for Results session ✸

① 5-Step (fail-proof) Framework: This will be the core focus of our session. Understand this 5-Step Framework, & you'll be all set to ramp up your sales, guaranteed. This systematic approach we will take you through will show you exactly what you need to do to turn leads - especially your online leads - into sales, regardless of your industry or size of business you're in. 

② That One Thing you must make sure you have - or not even the best copywriting in the world can help: So many Small Business Owners forget this important check before they market their business that it is truly painful to see. We will show you what you need to make sure you have before you even begin putting in the hard work of promoting your product or service. 
[WARNING: If you miss this part out, even the best copywriting won’t help.]

③ 10 Top Tips to ramp up your Copywriting success: Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that you will suddenly become an expert at marketing your business. It takes Practice, Common Sense & a whole bunch of stuff to master Marketing. This is why, apart from showing you the awesome 5-Step Framework for successful copywriting, we will share with you 10 Top Tips to shorten your learning curve. These 10 Top Tips will be so helpful to your marketing efforts. Trust us - we've experienced it ourselves.

④ Quick Hands-on Exercises:  We always put in a lot of effort to make our content is Clear & Concise so that you will understand quickly. However, nothing beats the value of actually doing it - taking what you have learnt & applying it to your own business right away. This is why during the session, we will guide you along by doing quick exercises so that you can immediately apply the learning to your work. 

⑤ A Session Customised to your Business : We don't merely deliver the content - we make sure that the session will be prepared with You in mind. You will be asked to fill up a Pre-Talk Questionnaire so that we can understand you & your business better - and use examples relevant to your work.

⑥ Receive a copy of the Slides & Copywriting Template: We learn better when actively write things down. & We learn better when we can refer back to the content that was taught. This is why you will get a printed copy of both the Copywriting for Results slides & template - we are serious in wanting you to walk away with something you can immediately use to generate sales for your business. 

⑦ Networking Tea Break: The actual talk itself will be a 3-hour intensive experience - but we also want you to get even more value by getting to know fellow attendees. The Networking Tea Break will be the time for you to 'refuel' over some nice food, while networking with like-minded wonderful souls. *So, remember to bring your Business Cards!*

✸ Meet your Speaker, Harasha Bafana ✸

Salam & Hello! My name is Harasha Bafana & I am the founder of Singapore-based The Adam & Hawa Network. I help Business Owners get the Right Knowledge & work with the Right Partners to grow their businesses with confidence - and avoid making expensive mistakes.

I was the co-owner of an F&B business called Samar, which I helped grow into a million-dollar business with $0 advertising. TIME Magazine - in its annual search for "the region's most remarkable places and experiences" - named Samar as 'One of the Best Places to go to in Asia'.


I was also the Centre Director of SME Centre @ SMCCI, an organisation supported by SPRING Singapore. Together with my team, we helped advise more than 5,000 SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises). 

I felt moved to set up The Adam & Hawa Network for those in need of genuine business guidance - & after I saw up close the many business owners who engaged consultants, only to end up cheated or disappointed. I believe that if business owners arm themselves with the right knowledge - & work with the right partners - they will be empowered to make better decisions to grow their businesses.

Since The Adam & Hawa Network launched in late 2014, many of our clients have stopped making tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of mistakes, ended painful situations & grew their businesses faster.

Harasha Bafana, Founder of Adam & Hawa Network

❝ Let me share with you the exact copywriting technique I use to get tens of thousands of dollars of online sales. 

All while Being Real & Marketing with Dignity.❞

~ Harasha Bafana 

What You Should Do Next ✸


If you want a systematic way to Quickly Understand & Implement a Wonderful Technique to write Marketing copy for your business to Multiply your Sales, then come for this COPYWRITING FOR RESULTS session. You will walk away with so much more than you imagined possible for your Business.














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 ✵This content-rich, no-nonsense session is worth SGD 168 per seat - & worth thousands of dollars if you apply the knowledge to your business✵

Event Passes:  

  • Early Bird @ $78 per person (valid till 3rd August 2017)

  • Single Seat @ $88 per person  (from 4th August 2017)

  • Two Seats @ $78 per person 

Remember: This is not a 'bait & switch', 'upsell trick' kind of session. It is pure content that will leave you with a plug & play method you can immediately use to  get sales for your business. Guaranteed.



See you there!

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