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Salam & Hello!


My name’s Harasha Bafana & I am the founder of The Adam & Hawa Network.


It’s a brand new year full of fresh Hope & Possibilities for you & your Business, yes? Or perhaps not?

Whatever the case may be for you, do read on:

✔ Are you Frustrated that you keep setting Goals - only to run out of steam? Feel Embarrassed that you keep failing to meet your Goals?

✔ Do you find it Difficult to Stay On Track to focus on your Goals, even though you’re working so hard & really, really want to achieve?

✔ Or perhaps you find that you simply Avoid setting goals? After all, you don’t want to feel disappointed in case you fail to make it. & Yet, you still feel lousy.

✔ Maybe deep down inside you feel that you’re meant for Something Bigger, but can’t bring yourself to Dream Big because you think you’re Not Good Enough

✔ Have you been Thinking Positive & Praying Hard as you take action, but it’s just not working as well as they said it would?

.  . . . .

If you’re facing any of the above, let me assure you - you’re not alone. I know how you feel. I’ve gone through the same thing too. & It’s not pretty.

[Of course, there are those among us who pretend that they are succeeding, when in truth they aren’t. Let’s not do that.  Let us choose instead to Get Real & Be Humble enough to Face Up & Learn how we can Truly Succeed & feel Great Satisfaction in our lives. ]

I want to achieve more & I wanted to find out the best way to do it.That’s why I recently buckled down to learn from the best super-achieving & highly-respected business mentors on How They Achieve Their Goals.  

I spent hundreds of hours reading, listening & learning from these wonderful, phenomenally-successful entrepreneurs who have been generously sharing their knowledge & experience. They gave clear, actionable strategies that have helped them - & others they’ve helped - to transform their lives & achieve phenomenal, proven results.

This also led me to learn the latest discoveries in Neuroscience on how our mysterious Mind works. These scientists have gained powerful new insights over the last 10-15 years that honestly, it’d be crazy if business people like us fail to take advantage of to Learn & Use this new knowledge to help ourselves!

In short, what I discovered got me so excited that I thought to myself: “Goodness me, I really MUST share this!”.

So this is my invitation to you: 
Join me for a 3.5 hour interactive, Power-Packed Talk. 
It will give you a Proven, Neuroscience-based Method

to Successfully Achieve your Cherished Goals. 
This is Transformational stuff that’ll get you ‘Aha!-ing’ &  Smiling!

You’ll walk away with a Proven, Neuroscience-backed Strategy & Tools to Achieve the Goals that are Deeply Important to You - with Clarity, Courage & Confidence.

✸ What you can expect from this ‘Strategising for Goal Achievement’ talk ✸

① The Old Way Doesn’t Work - let me show you the newer, better 4-Step Strategy to Set your Goals: You will see why the old way of Goal Setting we’ve been doing doesn’t work very well (remember S.M.A.R.T. goals?). S.M.A.R.T. goals became popular among management circles in the 1980s - that’s more than 30 years ago! The science of Goal Achievement has made much progress since then - it’s time for us to upgrade our knowledge. In this talk, I will show you a smarter way: The 4-Step Approach to Set Goals that Fire you up. It will pave the way to make 2019 your best year ever. 

② Learn to identify the real Problem when you’re Failing to Meet your Goals: Usually, when we set big Goals & find that we are struggling to achieve these, we wonder if we’ve been wrong, too ambitious, delusional etc. But here’s the thing, my mentors have taught me that our Goal is not the problem. Here’s a clue: There are only 3 possible reasons why we’re not meeting our goals. & All we need to do is look into these 3 to quickly identify what’s blocking our progress. & Then we can go fix it. I’ll reveal these 3 factors to you at this talk - it is so helpful.  

③ How to Systematically Reprogramme our Minds to Achieve our Goals without Struggle: This part is gold. It will be the main highlight of the talk. Over the last 10-15 years, neuroscientists have made many exciting discoveries about how our Minds work. The more I learnt about these, the more I realise how empowering it is to know. It showed me that Success is truly our birthright as human beings - but only if we care to make a serious Study of it. I will share this 5-part science-backed strategy to reprogramme our minds that guarantees Personal Transformation for Goal Achievement. This is mind-blowing stuff. Seriously.

④ Discover the Daily Ritual for Goal Achievement, as practised by Top Performers: Once you have understood the science behind Goal Achievement, we will wrap up the talk with this recommended Daily Rituals for Goal Achievement. “What should I do in the morning? Afternoon? Before I sleep? When I feel overwhelmed?” These steps are proven to work - & the science explains why and how it works.

⑤ Free Tools, Templates, Resources & More for You: When you attend this talk, you will receive a set of Tools & Templates for Goal Achievement to help you get started immediately with your goal achievement journey. I will also give you a list of the best Resources I have compiled through my research. In addition, you will receive a copy of my talk’s presentation slides and the audio recording of the talk.  

⑥ Meet other Achievement-Oriented, Sincere Business People: Our Adam & Hawa Network talks & programmes typically attract sincere & progress-minded business owners. These are people who are honest with themselves & in the way they deal with others. They are the sort who understand that true success requires long-term effort - they do not believe in get-rich-quick schemes (or have been burned before by that). So if you’re looking to broaden your network with such types, this will be another wonderful way for you to do so. 

Harasha Bafana, Founder of Adam & Hawa Network

❝The trouble with this social media-obsessed world we live in is that it tends to encourage  Pretence. 


It is understandable that, as Business Owners, we want to Promote ourselves & our Business. 


But let us not mistake 'Posturing' for 'Progress'.


Posturing will make our egos feel good  - but the  value is in making real Progress in our Lives & our Work by achieving the goals that are important to us.  


& For Progress to happen, we need to do work that moves the needle - which includes the difficult Inner Work.❞

~ Harasha Bafana 

✸ Meet your Speaker, Harasha Bafana ✸













Salam & Hello! My name is Harasha Bafana & I am the founder of Singapore-based The Adam & Hawa Network. I help Business Owners get the Right Knowledge & work with the Right Partners to grow their businesses  - without making expensive mistakes.

I was the co-owner of an F&B business called Samar, which I helped grow into a million-dollar business with $0 advertising. TIME Magazine - in its annual search for "the region's most remarkable places and experiences" - named Samar as 'One of the Best Places to go to in Asia'.


I was also the Centre Director of SME Centre @ SMCCI, an organisation supported by SPRING Singapore. Together with my team, we helped advise more than 5,000 SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises). 

I felt moved to set up The Adam & Hawa Network for those in need of genuine business guidance - & after I saw up close the many business owners who engaged consultants, only to end up cheated or disappointed. I believe that if business owners arm themselves with the right knowledge - & work with the right partners - they will be empowered to make better decisions to grow their businesses.

Since The Adam & Hawa Network launched in late 2014, many of our clients have stopped making tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of mistakes, ended painful situations & have grown their businesses faster.

Here's more on my background that you may be interested to know: I hold an MBA from NTU’s Nanyang Business School and a Social Science honours degree from National University of Singapore. My 20-year career includes being a junior diplomat with Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a telco Manager & Business Lecturer at tertiary institutions.


I am a two-term Board Member with the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). I was recently appointed as a Board Member of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). I also make time to contribute to the progress of our Malay/Muslim community as Board Member of Creative Malay Arts & Culture (CMAC) and have been a Member of IMDA’s Malay Programme Advisory Committee (MPAC) since 2014.

✸ What Past Attendees Have Said of Our Talks ✸

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What You Should Do Next ✸

Do come & join me for this very special talk. It will illuminate our minds & inspire us to embrace a new vision of ourselves. And we will have the proven neuroscience-based method & tools to make our cherished Goals a reality


So if this feel right for you, don't miss out - take action right now & get your seat.


Dates: I will be giving this talk on ✶Saturday, 2 Feb 2019 ✶2 to 6pm​✶


Event Pass: The event passes are priced affordably so that you won’t have to think too hard.

  • SGD 68 for the Early Birds 

  • SGD 88 for Late Registrations

✵This content-rich, no-nonsense session is worth SGD 168 per seat - & worth thousands of dollars if you apply the knowledge to your business✵



Payment: Once you register in the next page, you’ll receive instructions on how to make bank transfer payment. Do note that your seat will only be confirmed once we receive payment. 


Venue: The venue for our talk will be the lovely, cosy, brand-new MCC Function Room at 273 Changi Rd, Singapore 419754. Here's the map link.
[Note: Venue may be changed.]

Networking Tea Break: We will enjoy a nice high-tea spread, along with coffee & tea while we network during the break. 

Sounds good, yes?  

So don't miss out - take action right now & book yourself a seat by clicking on the 'Register Now' button.

I hope to see you at my talk. Let’s make 2019 your year. & It will be my honour to support you to get there.





Harasha Bafana

Note: This is not a 'bait & switch', 'upsell trick' kind of session. It is pure content that will leave you with immediate insights & strategies that you can use to grow you & your business.

& If you register fast, you’ll also get to enjoy a Private Prep Call with me. It will get you primed up & ready to get the most out of the talk. This alone is worth $100 - more than the price of the talk. 

See you there!

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