The Adam & Hawa Network helps small business owners get the Right Knowledge & work with the Right Partners to grow their businesses - without making expensive mistakes.


We do this mainly through our structured business mentoring programme & consulting arrangements.


We also conduct business workshops & seminars, featuring quality speakers who are authorities in their fields.

Our founder, Harasha Bafana, felt moved to set up The Adam & Hawa Network for those in need of genuine business guidance - & after she saw up close the many small business owners who engaged consultants hawking government assistance schemes, only to end up cheated or disappointed. She believes that if business owners arm themselves with the right knowledge, they will be empowered to make better decisions to grow their businesses. Only then would any form of government assistance be of help.

This is why our work is based on our philosophy that for a small business to survive and thrive, it must be based on having knowledge in a number of crucial areas. We call this our 5M (+GA) framework. The 5Ms are MasterPlan, Marketing, Money, Management & Mindset, while (+GA) represents the option of tapping on Government Assistance schemes.

Since The Adam & Hawa Network launched in late 2014, our clients have stopped making tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of mistakes, ended painful situations & grown their businesses faster.

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